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The Final Twist in the
Disgraceful PPI Scandal

  • It has emerged that banks unlawfully took billions of pounds from customers through extremely high secret commissions.
  • Campaigning law firm Harcus Parker is launching a ‘no win, no fee’ group legal action to help millions of customers reclaim thousands of pounds.
  • For years, the banks have been blocking these secret PPI commission claims but the new legal action will help unlock potentially £18b of claims.

Who can make a PPI claim

The Harcus Parker group legal action is available to individuals who have not yet received a full PPI refund for their Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) payments.

This includes those who:

  • were sold PPI but have never made a claim
  • had PPI but were denied a pay-out; and
  • those who accepted a refund offered by a financial institution (a ‘tipping point’ payment) in purported settlement of a PPI claim, as it is highly likely less than 50 per cent of the secret commission money was refunded.
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The History of PPI

You may think that you know what the PPI scandal is about but click here for a summary of the UK’s biggest ever consumer financial scandal, which saw financial institutions take billions of pounds from consumers without their knowledge.

History of PPI

You May Not Even Know if You Had PPI.

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The Financial Ombudsman Service’s compensation scheme closed on August 29, 2019, leaving legal proceedings as the only option for seeking compensation. Since all claims have until now been brought individually, financial institutions, with billions at stake and huge resources, have found it easy successfully to block claims, making the process difficult, time-consuming, and expensive.

What’s the Answer?

To hold the defendants accountable and recover your wrongly taken money, it is crucial to unite as a group seeking fair treatment. By coming together, you can try to prevent delays and neutralise attempts to outspend you. There is strength in numbers.

Harcus Parker, a respected commercial law firm, specialises in group litigation claims on behalf of consumers and others. With our market-leading experience, we have secured millions of pounds in funding to take action against the major financial institutions involved in the PPI claim scandal. We understand that a new approach is needed for PPI customer redress if consumers are finally to achieve a fair outcome.

The Scandal in Numbers

PPI policies sold in the UK
Paid out
to date in compensation for mis-sold PPI
Average compensation
of compensation to be claimed

Why a ‘no win, no fee’ group legal action?

During the first wave of PPI claims, customers often reclaimed money directly from the banks and credit card companies, or through claims management companies (CMCs).

This new wave of PPI claims to reclaim secret commissions will be fought in the courts. Since the closure of the Financial Ombudsman Service’s scheme in August 2019, many individual claims have been issued in County Courts up and down the country but the banks and credit card companies have succeeded in using their financial might to try to block the progress of these claims.

As part of the claims process, customers are required to send a Data Subject Access Request to the bank or credit card company to discover how much secret commission they were charged. These requests are responded to slowly, and different financial institutions have their own procedures which they expect potential claimants to follow. A group legal action is a better and more efficient way to force the institutions to disclose this information and return the details in a streamlined manner.

The claim is fully funded by a large litigation funder, which means we are able to rebalance the scales of justice and can fight your case on a cost-effective, risk-protected no win, no fee basis.

Our aim is to represent hundreds of thousands of customers who were unfairly charged eye-wateringly high level of commissions as part of this group legal action.

As at 15 August 2023, we already act for:

330,000  individuals who have instructed us to find out whether they had a PPI policy that will allow them to qualify to take part in the group legal claim

15,000 individuals who had PPI and were charged secret commission, whose claims we are already preparing to issue.

We are also hopeful that, as a result of members of the public standing together against the banks and credit card companies, the financial institutions may be persuaded to negotiate with us so that full court action is not required.